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How to Install – Windows
How to Install – Mac
How to Install – Android
How to Install – iOS


How to Install – Windows

Click Here for Mac Version

  • Select the download link provided at time of purchase to download the IDSeal Pro-Tec application.
  • Open the IDSeal Pro-Tec installation file.
  • Once the installation wizard opens, click install and wait for installation wizard to complete.

image Pro-Tec installation wizard

image product installation screen


  • Once the installation wizard completes, you will see the following screen. On this screen, you will enter the license key provided to you at time of purchase.

image product activation screen


  • Upon successful activation, you will the following screen.



  • If you do see any additional windows security screens, select install and be sure any “Trust Software” checkboxes are selected.

image windows security screen


  • After IDSeal Pro-Tec opens, you can select “Start Wizard” to begin scanning or inputting your personal information.
  • For more detailed instructions for each feature, please visit our IDSeal Pro-Tec Support Pages.

image Pro-Tec Scan Wizard


How to Install – Mac

Click Here for Windows Version

Please note: this is an updated software release for Mac users. Older versions of IDSeal Pro-Tec for macOS were only available through Chrome and Firefox extensions.

First, download IDSeal Pro-Tec for your macOS device.

Tap on the download icon from your browser to reveal the downloaded programDouble-click the download to launch the installerA window named Install IDSeal Pro-Tec should appear so you may begin the download process

Review the introduction, then click “Continue”

Review the disk you’d like to install the software on, then click “Install”. We recommend installing on the main Mac drive.

Your device will prompt you to enter in your password to allow the new software to be installed. Enter in your device user’s password then click “Install Software”

Once the installer has completed and you go to close the screen it will prompt you to move the installer to the trash bin.

Next, enter in your IDSeal Pro-Tec License Key that was emailed to you. This is an alpha-numeric, 20-character key. Please keep in mind that there are differences between 0 (zero) and O (letter).

Click “Activate”

IDSeal Pro-Tec will launch on your device as your installation is now COMPLETE.



How to Install – Android


image google play store


  • Click here to download IDSeal Pro-Tec on the Google Play Store
  • Follow the Google Play Store installation

image android google play store

  • After installation has completed, open the IDSeal Pro-Tec app on your Android device and enter your license key to access.

image android license key


How to Install – iOS


image apple store


  • Click here to download IDSeal Pro-Tec on the Apple Store
  • Follow the Apple Store installation

  • After installation has completed, open the IDSeal Pro-Tec app on your Apple iOS device
  • IDSeal Pro-Tec App will ask you for “Email Address” and “Password”
    • Email Address: Enter the email address you entered at time of purchase
    • Password: Enter your License Key provided to you in your welcome email
    • IMPORTANT: You do not need to click on “Don’t have an account? Subscribe” – doing so creates a separate purchase via the Apple Store. Use your License Key provided when you purchased.


IDSeal Guardian provides tools and resources to protect your data and identity, but it is impossible to eliminate the risk of cybercrime or identity theft entirely. Your own efforts to prevent unauthorized access play an important role, and the security of your personal information depends on your use of proper physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.